Easily Amused Pinball

Completed Projects

Here you will find a sampling of pinball machines that have gone through my reconditioning process and some that have been fully restored.  A reconditioned machine is a machine that has been mechanically reconditioned to work as good as new.  A fully restored machine is a machine that is in better than new condition both cosmetically and mechanically.  These machines are no longer in stock.

 AC/DC  Harley Davidson
 Scared Stiff
 AC/DC Premium
 Harley Davidson 3rd Ed  Secret Service
 Addams Family
 Haunted House  The Shadow
 Addams Family Gold
 High Roller Casino
 Shaq Attaq
 Apollo 13
 High Speed
 Sharkey's Shootout
 Attack from Mars
 High Speed II, Getaway  Shrek
 Austin Powers
 Hook  The Simpson's Pinball Party
 Hoops  Slugfest
   Hurricane  Sopranos
 Bad Cats
 Bally Game Show
 Independence Day
 South Park
 Banzai Run
 Indiana Jones Stern
 Space Invaders
 Indiana Jones Williams
 Space Jam
 Batman, Dark Knight
 Iron Man  Spiderman
   Spring Break
 Big Buck Hunter
 Spy Hunter
 Big Guns
 Johnny Mnemonic
 Star Trek Bally
 Big Hurt
 Star Trek Data East
 Black Knight
 Judge Dredd
 Star Trek: The Next Generation
 Black Knight 2000
 Jungle Lord
 Star Wars
 Black Rose
 Junk Yard
 Jurassic Park
 Street Fighter II
 Striker Xtreme
 Bride of Pinbot
 Kings of Steel
 Surfin' Safari
 Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball  
 Last Action Hero
 Tales From the Crypt
 Cactus Canyon
 Lethal Weapon 3
 Tales of the Arabian Nights
 Cactus Jacks
 Lord of the Rings
 Car Hop
 Lost in Space
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 Cirqus Voltaire
 Lost World
 Terminator 2
 Close Encounter of the 3rd
 Lost World Jurassic Park
 Terminator 3
 Theatre of Magic
 Time Machine
 Medieval Madness
 Creature from Black Lagoon
 Monster Bash
 Transformers LE
 Cue Ball Wizard

 Tron Legacy
 Twilight Zone
   NBA Fastbreak
 Dale Jr
 Deadly Weapon
 Night Rider  Viking
 Demolition Man
 No Fear
 Viper Night Drivin'
 Diner  No Good Gofers
 Dirty Harry
 Doctor Who
 Operation Thunder
 White Water
 Doctor Dude
 Who Dunnit?
 Dracula  Phantom of the Opera
 Wipe Out
 Dragon  Pharaoh
 World Cup Soccer
 Pinball Magic
 World Poker Tour
 WWF Royal Rumble
 Eight Ball
 Pirates of the Caribbean
 Eight Ball Deluxe
 Playboy Stern
 Elektra  Playboy Bally
 Police Force  X-Men LE
 Pool Sharks
 Evel Knievel
 Popeye Saves the Earth
 Fireball Classic
 Rescue 911
 Fireball II  Revenge From Mars  
 Firepower II  Ripley's Believe It or Not
 Fish Tales
 Road Kings
 Flash  Road Show
 Flight 2000
 Rocky & Bullwinkle
 Roller Coaster Tycoon
 Flipper Football
 Rolling Stones
 Frankenstein  Rolling Stones LE
 Freddy, Nightmare on Elm
 Gilligan's Island
 Golden Cue
 Guns N' Roses