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Harley Davidson 3rd Ed

This is an extremely nice Harley Davidson pinball machine.  It was produced by Stern in 2004 and was the third edition of the machine they did with this title.  This particular machine was only in a private collection and never in a commercial environment.  It has about 200 total plays on it.  It was produced by Stern in 2004 and is part of the Third Edition of this title.  The Third Edition of Harley Davidson is the most rare and sought after with only 300 machines produced in total.  The machine and has just gone through a complete servicing.  The servicing includes new rubber throughout, new LEDs throughout, new balls, all switches tested and adjusted as needed, all mechanicals tested and adjusted/rebuilt as needed, all boards were inspected and any non-factory modifications were removed, boards were tested and are fully working, and the cabinet cleaned inside and out.  The LEDs make this machine POP!  For more information on this title, click here.  For more pictures of this particular machine, click here.