Easily Amused Pinball

Hurricane 6

This is a nice example of a Hurricane pinball machine manufactured by Williams.  This game was produced in 1991.  The machine is the third in the rollercoaster series that Williams did.  There are Ferris Wheels that the pinball enter and exits, there is a juggler that juggles the pinballs, there is a clown on the playfield that you dunk in a dunk tank, and it has one of the longest ramps ever put in a pinball machine.  The machine has just had a complete tear down shop job and is working flawlessly.  New rubbers have been installed throughout, all playfield lamps have been replaced with color matching LEDs, both flipper have been rebuilt, the playfield has been cleaned, polished and waxed for a shiny and super fast surface.  The general illumination circuitry has been rebuilt and is functioning flawlessly.  All switches, lamps, flashers, solenoids and motors have been inspected and replaced or rebuilt as necessary.  This machine plays like it is brand new!

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