Easily Amused Pinball

My Collection

Yes, I play pinball and have since I was about 10.  My interest grew in college, where I played Eight Ball Deluxe with my then girlfriend.  That girlfriend became my wife some years later.  My first pinball machine was Viper, Night Drivin'.  I purchased it new in the box in 1998.  Having recently purchased the car, I needed the pinball machine.  From there I started looking for a good example of the Eight Ball Deluxe.  It took about 4 months, but I found it.  The rest they say is history.  I am fortunate to have a basement in my home, as basements are rare in California.  I currently have 6 machines in my basement, 2 in my hobby room and 2 in my family room.  Below is a current list of machines in my collection.  Thanks for looking.
 Mfg  Year  Title
 Bally  1997  Cirqus Volatire
 Jersey Jack  2013  Wizard of OZ Emerald City Limited Edition
 Jersey Jack  2016  The Hobbit Special Edition
 Sega  1998  Viper, Night Drivin'
 Spooky  2016  Rob Zombie Spookshow International
 Spooky  2019  Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle
 Stern  2012  AC/DC Back in Black LE
 Stern  2015  Game of Thrones LE
 Williams  1996  Tales of the Arabian Nights
 Williams  1997  Medieval Madness