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Shaq Attaq

This is a great looking and playing Shaq Attaq pinball machine that was made by Gottlieb in 1995. It is built on Gottlieb's System 3 platform, which is the most robust pinball platform ever designed. It is a basketball themed machine with Shaqullie O'neil on it. It has 4 flippers, 2 ramps, 1 spinning disk on the playfield(that shoots your ball in different directions), 1 kickout hole, 1 roll under spinners, a vari-target, and a ramp that you shoot up to try to get the pinball in the moving basket hoop. There is a display for your basketball score and a display for your pinball score. At the games completion, you get bonus pinball points for every basketball point. Both displays are working perfectly.  This is a 4 player machine with multiball.  Additional pictures can be found here.  Additional information can be found here.