Easily Amused Pinball

Simpson's Pinball Pa102

This is another beautiful Simpson's Pinball Party pinball machine.  It is currently rated in the top 15 pinball machines of all time.  There are all kinds of toys on this machine, including 5 flippers, 3 pop bumpers(2 with nuclear power plant stacks on them), 3 ramps, captive ball with Bart on Skateboard, 3 drop targets with ball capture behind, a garage door that you hit with a ball to open and once open you shoot the ball into the garage.  This begins a sequence of shots that you must shoot to load the couch with balls.  Once the couch is full, you start a multiball.  This game has one of the deepest rulesets ever put in a pinball machine.  This machine has just gone through a thorough tear down shop job.  It includes new rubbers, balls and LEDs throughout.  This game comes with a 90 day in home warranty for local purchasers.  Additional pictures can be found here.  Additional information can be found here.