Easily Amused Pinball


This is a very nice condition Tommy pinball machine that I have reconditioned.  It was manufactured by Data East in 1994. This has gone through my extensive reconditioning process that includes tearing the playfield down, cleaning/polishing/waxing, reassembly, all new rubber, all new LEDs, flipper rebuilds, all switches tested & re-gapped as necessary, all mechanicals inspected and rebuilt as needed, general illumination circuitry rebuilt, cabinet cleaned inside and out and new balls installed.  I have replaced the display and the machine also includes the topper.  The blinders and everything else work great.  Look at the pictures to see mirror like finish on the playfield after I waxed it.  This machine comes with a 60 day in-home warranty.

Additional pictures can be found here.  Additional information can be found here.